Family business

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The "Hotel – Restaurant Zum Stich'n" is owned and operated by the family of Andreas Hößl from Grafenwöhr.

Family-style atmosphere

The Hößl family
The Hößl family

Our family seeks to indulge you -and for years now has been the epitome of cozy hospitality in Grafenwöhr. In the mid-1960s, our Hotel - Gasthof  "Zum Stich'n" became a popular destination for guests from around the world.

Our establishment's name, "Stich'n", has become a symbol of hospitality - and we always work hard to take care of our guests. The family-style atmosphere has been the cornerstone of our success for several generations.

We now extend to you an invitation to visit us and enjoy our service. We look forward to seeing you!

Our establishment's name and history

A historical view of the hotel and restaurant
A historical view of the hotel and restaurant

Its name "Stich`n" - which has lived on to this day - originates from its previous owner, Johann Michael Stich. He acquired a stake in this estate in 1752 by way of marriage. On February 11, 1752, he and his wife purchased the house from his father-in-law, Johannes Schloor. On May 27, 1780, the house is passed on to their son, Josef Stich. The Hößl family acquires the house in 1801, as Konrad Hößl purchases the house by way of deed on June 18, 1801 (by way of his marriage to Margaretha Stich).

The original former "Stichn" building was previously located on the Pechhofer Straße, adjacent to the so-called "Stichn-Bruck". It burned to the ground in 1841 - and was rebuilt in the same year. In 1841, the entire suburban area was modified. Along the road by the name of Neue Amberger Straße, an expansive roadside market was established (with straight rows of houses left and right). This is how the "Stich'n" tavern relocated to its current site. 

Member in the professional hospitality association "Bayerischer Hotel- und Gaststättenverband"

Logo: Bayerischer Hotel- und Gaststättenverband DEHOGA Bayern e.V
We are a member of the professional hospitality association Bayerischer Hotel- und Gaststättenverband

Our establishment has been a member of the professional hospitality association Bayerischer Hotel- und Gaststättenverband, DEHOGA Bayern (a registered association) since 1965. This professional association was founded by hoteliers and restaurateurs. This association positions this sector in terms of its outstanding economic, social and cultural significance - for the benefit of guests and employees, along with our country as a whole.

We offer vocational training!

Training in our kitchen
Training in our kitchen

In order to be able to offer our guests the very best quality and service, we take charge of our own trainees' formation. We offer training programs for certification as a cook or a  hospitality manager.

Are you looking for information on our available training programs or interested in applying for vocational training at our hotel? Please contact us.