Our Region Grafenwöhr

The northern Upper Palatinate

Our Hotel - Restaurant is located in Grafenwöhr, in the heart of the Upper Palatinate region. Not only the town itself offers numerous options for leisure activities - the entire region does the same. Explore the magnificent natural beauty of this region - or visit one of the metropolitan regions in the vicinity such as Regensburg (100 km), Bayreuth (45 km) or Nuremberg (90 km), which are readily accessible due to the good infrastructure.

City of Grafenwöhr

The Rathaus (City Hall) in Grafenwöhr
The Rathaus (City Hall) in Grafenwöhr

Traditional, progressive, upwardly mobile and dynamic - this is a fitting description for the modern City of Grafenwöhr. The City of Grafenwöhr is located in the heart of the northern Upper Palatinate. Along with Eschenbach, Pressath and Kirchenthumbach, Grafenwöhr forms the "Four Corners" area in the county of Neustadt an der Waldnaab, which seeks to become a mid-sized metropolitan center.

In the summer months, the municipal swimming pool - featuring a miniature golf course, beach volleyball and an outdoor playground - entices you to swim and relax. The first Upper Palatinate Cultural and Military Museum is open year-round. There, the history of the region and the military training ground is vividly depicted.

The military training ground at Grafenwöhr has put its historical and cultural stamp on this region. With an area of 226 km², the training ground utilized by the U.S. Army is the largest U.S. military training ground outside the U.S. Since 2006, this site has been officially named "Joint Multinational Command Training Center" (JMCTC). In Grafenwöhr, units from the United States Army Europe (USAREUR), the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and other NATO forces perform their drills.

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Northern Upper Palatinate Woods

Riverside floodplain forests within the Upper Palatinate Woods
Romantic riverside floodplain forests within the Upper Palatinate Woods

The nature park "Upper Palatinate Woods" offers its guests numerous natural highlights - from romantic riverside floodplain forests, ponds and wet-to-marshy meadows to jagged karst areas, idyllic Jura Mountains surfaces and several mountain ridges covered by expansive woods. The basalt cones such as the Parkstein and the Kulmen - which bear witness to the landscape having been shaped by volcanism - are also an eye-catcher. 

Discover this magnificent landscape on a hike through the woods and across meadows - or when fishing and exploring the wetlands by boat, in magnificent river valley, while riding horseback or biking. Bavaria's longest nature trail describing woodland fruits - along with geological nature trails - are open to interested hikers. For instance, the woodland nature trail "Holzweg" near Eschenbach serves to educate hikers about woodlands (and preserving nature). The family-friendly and nature-oriented Creußen bike path leads visitors directly through Grafenwöhr - and is a feeder leading to other beautiful bike trails and through the Upper Palatinate Woods.

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Regensburg - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A view of the stone bridge and the cathedral (Photo: BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH)

The City of Regensburg - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Bavaria (if not in all of Germany). The primary justification for this distinction is the especially beautiful and well-preserved Old Town.

Stroll in the romantic alleyways of this medieval city with its magnificent town squares - and shop in historic ambiance. From small shops to entire shopping centers, Regensburg has a great deal to offer.

Yet Regensburg also offers its guests a veritable series of landmarks and excursion destinations. These include, for instance, the Valhalla, the Schloss Thurn and Taxis Castle - or a cruise along the Danube River.

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The margrave's residence in Bayreuth

Festspielhaus in Bayreuth

The City of Bayreuth grew from its roots as a margrave's residence - and gained worldwide fame by way of the Richard-Wagner-Festspiele. Bayreuth's points of interest - such as appealing castles, the historic Eremitage park facilities with its idyllic grottoes and trick fountains, along with the Festspielhaus - plus its museums and variegated cultural offerings - guarantee adventure-filled days any time of year. 

In addition, Bayreuth offers leisure facilities such as the Lohengrin Therme (a veritable oasis of relaxation) and an 18-hole golf course. The downtown area and the Rotmain-Center invite you to take an extended shopping tour.

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Historic Nuremberg

Historic Old Town in Nuremberg (Photo: BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH)

Bavaria's second major economic hub connects the modern metropolis to the past. In Nuremberg, you can see and experience history. The historic imperial fortress is particularly impressive. Numerous points of interests ensure that no one is bored. With more than 30 museums, Nuremberg offers exhibitions on various topics. In the historical atmosphere of the Old Town, tours of various points of interest can be easily combined with a stroll through boutiques, glass shopping arcades or department stores.
There is something available to fit anyone's tastes and budget - ranging from fashions, jewelry and shoes to antiques. The Artisans' Courtyard is a particularly appealing part of the shopping city of Nuremberg. Traditional artisans such as pewterers, glass grinders, glass painters, dollmakers and leather purse makers offer their products here in a typical half-timbered ambiance.

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Shopping mile
A romantic landscape in the Upper Palatinate Woods (Photo: BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH)
Take an extended shopping trip in Regensburg, Bayreuth and Nuremberg
Historic Imperial Fortress at Nuremberg